RBC is committed to ensure that a conducive and vibrant learning environment is created for students and staff. The library is state of the art learning and research centre for the entire college community, where library users retrieve and share knowledge. Our collection is rich in scope covering almost all spheres of knowledge with an emphasis in Information Technology, Business, Hospitality, Tours and Guiding, Social Sciences and Project Management. Our qualified professional library staff strives to provide excellent services that meet your information requirements. We envision becoming a better and well equipped college library.


Library working hours

The library facilities and services are available to all currently registered students and staff.

Opening and closing hours:

Monday to Friday 08.00 am to 17.00pm

Saturday 09.00am to 13.00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays Closed


Reference & Information Services

The library provides general information services to all customers. A college librarian is stationed in the library to assist customers. The reference and information services include:

  1. Help in determining where to look for information reference works, or databases might best meet your needs.
  2. Help with computerized search
  3. Help with making loan requests and reservations
  4. Help in information material retrieval

Circulation Services

All registered students and staff may borrow library materials subject to the lending regulations indicated in the RBC library rules and regulations. Those who wish to borrow and use books outside the library must have registered as members.

Customer Training & Orientation Services

Training sessions are presented in the library. The main purpose is to increase information literacy, which enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning.  The major areas of training include:

Basic library skills Conducting research on the internet Basic information on navigating the library facility and services. Basic Information literacy skills

Computer, Internet services

The Library has computers meant specifically for research. The library has in-built network link and reliable wireless internet access.

Special services

The library offers special services for the following categories of clients:

        i.            Onsite training

      ii.            Distance learners


The library provides access to a good collection of books and periodicals (magazines and journals). The overall stock stands at approximately 1500 volumes.

Main Collection These are collection of books that are in the library. There are some books on stack to be loaned out to users over a specified period of time, reference materials and reserved materials used just within the library.   Past Examination Papers Past examination papers are available in a good range within the library. These past papers include the ones for KNEC, ICM, CIPS and ABMA exam bodies.

Periodicals (Journals & Magazines)  The library has not only a collection of current books but also has assorted newspapers, magazines and print journals. In addition, the library has newspaper reader tables, and holders that make reading newspaper fun.

Reference Collection The library has a wide range of reference collections that include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and subject-specific books among others. This category of books is not meant to be borrowed but used within the library for reference.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

  1.  What are the opening hours of the library?
  2. How do I join the Library?
  3.  What should I do if I’ve lost my Library card?
  4.  How do I find material in the Library?
  5.  What is the Reference Collection?
  6.  What is a periodical?
  7. How many items/how long can I borrow?
  8. How do I reserve or renew an item?
  9. What if I overstay with a borrowed item?


These are the times when the library is opened for its users. Refer to the library working hours to get more information on this.

2. Q: HOW DO I JOIN THE LIBRARY? RBC students need to register with the library in order to allow them to borrow books and even utilize the library facilities fully. The process is the same for the RBC staff. Registration for membership is free for All the RBC students and staff. Students doing ICDL automatically become members but may only be allowed to borrow books upon payment of the fees.

3. Q: WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I’VE LOST MY STUDENTS/STAFF LIBRARY CARD? Loss of students/Staff ID card should be reported immediately to the librarian who will take appropriate measures.

4. Q: HOW DO I FIND MATERIAL IN THE LIBRARY? Materials can be searched manually by perusing through the collection and also by the use of the title and the author/Creator Subject. Otherwise seek assistance from the librarian.

6. Q: WHAT IS THE REFERENCE COLLECTION? These are collections that are only used within the library. They include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and directories among others.

7. Q: WHAT IS A PERIODICAL? These are magazines, journals, newspapers, or annual publications, which are published frequently at regular intervals.

8. Q: HOW MANY ITEMS/HOW LONG CAN I BORROW? The number of items that can be borrowed and the loan period varies from one borrower category to another. The borrowing period is well stated on the rules and regulations of the RBC library. Note: Loans are made on the basis that the item may be recalled if urgently required by another library member.

9. Q: HOW DO I RESERVE OR RENEW AN ITEM? Reservation and renewal are both done from the issue desk/ librarian desk. For renewals, one must come with the borrowed item and the due date will be